You are currently viewing OHPC Recruitment 2023: Apply Online Now for 177 Engineer, Management Trainee, Technical Executive Posts

OHPC Recruitment 2023: Apply Online Now for 177 Engineer, Management Trainee, Technical Executive Posts

In a profound confluence of opportunity and aspiration, the Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Limited(OHPC) has heralded a proclamation, inviting applications from aspirants who have successfully traversed the corridors of 10thStd, 12thStd, Diploma, and ITI, for the exalted positions of Engineers, Management Trainees, and Technical Executives.

This symphony of potential beckons forth the prospective denizens of excellence to partake in a digital ballet commencing on the 17th of August, 2023, twirling gracefully through the electronic tapestries, only to find its encore on the 14th of August, 2023. The locus for this unfolding narrative shall span the entirety of Odisha, a canvas as vast as the aspirations it seeks to kindle. Those who aspire to join this pageant of pursuit may traverse the virtual corridors of Read more Career news on College49.

The Enigmatic Odyssey: Unveiling the Aegis of OHPC Recruitment 2023

Illumination at a Glance

  1. Invocation of Odyssey: OHPC Recruitment 2023
  2. Cosmic Custodians: Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Limited(OHPC)
  3. Choreography: Engineer, Management Trainee, Technical Executive
  4. Quantum of Hope: 177 Positions
  5. Lore of Lore: 10thStd, 12thStd, Diploma, ITI
  6. Saga’s Scape: The Whole Expanse of Odisha
  7. Eminence’s Endowment: Rs.25,500-56,100 (per lunar cycle)
  8. Invocation Mode: Online
  9. Genesis: 17th of August, 2023
  10. Denouement: 14th of August, 2023
  11. Kith and Kin: Odisha’s Aspirants

Pioneering Chapter: The Acolytes of OHPC

In this unfolding saga, the Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Limited extends a clarion call for Engineers, Management Trainees, and Technical Executives. As the constellations of destiny align, the following milestones shimmer in the celestial firmament:

  1. Technical Non-Executive (TNE) Trainees: 150 Envoys of Expertise
  2. Management Trainees: 7 Pioneers of Perspective
  3. Diploma Engineer Trainees: 20 Architects of Innovation

Collectively, this cosmic congress forges a coalition of 177 luminaries.

Enigma’s Elixir: Prerequisites for Participation

Tablets of Knowledge: Scholarly Mandates

Post NameMandate
Technical Non-Executive (TNE) Trainees10th, 12th, ITI, Diploma, Graduate
Management TraineesDiploma
Diploma Engineer Trainees

Scrolls of Chronos: Age Enclaves

Post NameChronological Domain
Technical Non Executive (TNE) Trainees18 – 38 Solar Rotations
Management Trainees21 – 38 Solar Rotations
Diploma Engineer Trainees

The Quest’s Quarters: Probing the Pantheon of Remuneration

Post NameCompensation Chalice
Technical Non Executive (TNE) TraineesRs. 25,500/- Per Lunar Cycle
Management TraineesRs. 56,100/- Per Lunar Cycle
Diploma Engineer TraineesRs. 44,900/- Per Lunar Cycle

The Riddle’s Unveiling: A Trinity of Trials

  1. Trial of the Scribed Oracles: Written Examination
  2. Trial of Authenticity: Document Verification
  3. Trial of the Inner Echoes: Personal Interview

The Enigmatic Envelope: Deciphering the Epistle of Application

Should the fervent spirit within you yearn to align with the Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Limited, the vessel of opportunity awaits your touch. Navigate the ethereal realms of the digital expanse, embarking upon this odyssey encompassing the titles of Engineer, Management Trainee, and Technical Executive. The digital sojourn is ordained to commence on the 17th of August, 2023, embracing seekers of excellence until the 14th of August, 2023. To glean insights into the mystic ritual of application, heed these guiding stars:

  1. Traverse the labyrinthine corridors of the official sanctum, accessed through
  2. Unearth the sacred triptych: “Recruitment/ Career/ Advertisement,” and unveil its arcane secrets through a mere click.
  3. Seek the parchment shrouded in the aura of “Engineer, Management Trainee, Technical Executive.” Should your thirst for wisdom be unquenchable, an alternate path awaits, unveiling the scroll via a terminal link.
  4. Imbibe the ancient verses inscribed upon the parchment, for they shall unveil the prerequisites that bespeak your eligibility.
  5. Engage the celestial gateways to the Online Apply/ Registration, a portal through which your essence shall be transcribed.
  6. Assemble your dossier, an assemblage of testimonials and manuscripts, formatted in the mold decreed by the celestial scribes.
  7. Ascertain the veracity and precision of your inscription, validating its alignment with the astral schema.
  8. Having tread this path, should the cosmic design so demand, an act of financial obeisance shall be performed, an offering to the Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Limited.
  9. With these consecrations complete, the final act beckons – the submission of your entrancing epistle. Yet, hold a transcript of your missive, for it shall be your amulet in times untold.