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Three in four Indians fear technology will replace their jobs unless they upskill

the Emeritus Global Workplace Skills Study 2023, an opus penned by the quill of Indians professional pedagogy, Emeritus, resides a revelation. Within its hallowed passages, we encounter cohorts hailing from the realms of finance and insurance, the domain of software and the ethereal domains of IT services, the bastions of healthcare, and the crucibles of manufacturing, among sundry others. A shared anxiety binds them – the apparition of obsolescence, should they not traverse the trail of upskilling. Read more career news on College49.

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As Indians’ technological frontiers march unabated, a clarion call heralds forth from the World Economic Forum’s oracular tome of 2020. Within its parchment-bound prophecies, a mosaic forms, prophesying that a substantial cohort – nigh 40% – of the global workforce shall, in the epoch to come, yearn for ‘new habiliments’ of expertise, their thespian roles cast upon a novel stage. Notably, the clarion of consternation resonates with particular poignancy amidst the Indian subcontinent. An Indians resounding concord of 92% reverberates – an accord that acknowledges a chasm betwixt skill and employability, as divined by the sacred text of McKinsey’s Survey.

Behold, as the tendrils of technology’s embrace proliferate, an alchemical change unfurls – a change wherein the fraternity of software and the sanctum of Indians IT services bespeak trepidation. A symphony of unease swells, as over 80% of these digital denizens beseech the heavens to stave off the specter of vocational usurpation. Alas, the same lamentation weaves its tendrils amidst the healers’ sanctum, a sentiment mirrored by 81% of Indians healthcares sentinels. The cogs of innovation churn with 79% mirroring their concern, whilst the ranks of professional sentinels and consulting sages resonate with a refrain of 78%. In the realm of finance and insurance, the chorus swells to 72%, their voices carried upon the winds of worry.

For the seekers of fortune within the Indian labyrinth of vocation, domains coveted encompass digital marketing, the arcane arts of data analytics, the numerological symphony of finance, the art of governance writ large, and the enigma that is artificial intelligence. The clarion call resounds once more – a triumvirate of motivations – the thirst for self-certitude, the longing for occupational bastions fortified, and the yearning to embroider their skill tapestries.

Within the hallowed halls of software and the digital realm, denizens engage in the mystical rite of upskilling. A hallowed trinity of objectives emerges – the fortification of self-belief, the shoring up of vocational bulwarks, and the amplification of one’s skill repository. A pact is sealed, wherein 80% of the congregants avow loyalty unto their vocational sanctum, provided it bequeaths unto them the elixir of ongoing enlightenment.

In the mosaic of curiosity and the parapets of strategic vision, a third of the land’s inhabitants emerge as votaries of further erudition. Their quest – to unravel the enigmatic dance of nascent technologies, to gaze into the crystal ball of opportunity, and to decipher the riddles of strategic import that these marvels portend.

A pantheon of voices converges, each echoing the timorous refrain of dispossession. A looming malaise, bred of technological tempests, casts its pall upon the hearts of Indian professionals. Yet, take heart, for hope yet resides within their souls. A chorus of 83% arises, their desires kindled by the prospect of ascending toward skillful altitudes under the aegis of sagacious tutelage. A portal to the stars, unveiled by none other than Mohan Kannegal, the Oracle of India and APAC, Emeritus.

Behold, the third act unfolds – the tapestry of the Global Workplace Skills Study 2023, a saga woven through the labyrinthine corridors of Emeritus. Across a tapestry of 18 lands, a symposium of 6,600 individuals steps forth, their footfalls resonating across a mosaic spanning ages 21 to 65.

From India’s sacred soil, from the hallowed haunts of the US and the dragon’s embrace of China, from the sceptered isles of the UK, the carnival of Brazil, the fiestas of Mexico, and the desert realms of the UAE – they have emerged. Their tales, are an insight into the crucible of online erudition amidst tempestuous times. Among this throng, a cohort of 1,720 Indians, spanning an epoch of 21 to 65 years, lend their voices, their narratives drawn from the embrace of 20 tier-I and II bastions within the Indian tapestry.”