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Academically: Pioneering Healthcare Education

In the rapidly evolving world of today, the global healthcare industry faces numerous challenges that require innovative solutions. One individual leading the charge in transforming healthcare education is Dr. Akram Ahmad. A visionary in his field, Dr. Ahmad has achieved remarkable milestones and revolutionized healthcare education through his pioneering platform, Academically.

Driven by a passion for enhancing education and a deep understanding of the gaps in healthcare professionals’ knowledge when it comes to migrating and practicing globally, Dr. Ahmad embarked on a journey to revolutionize learning for aspirants and teachers alike. He recognized that traditional coaching methods often failed to cater to the requirements of licensing exams such as AMC, KAPS, NCLEX, AIMS, DHA, HAAD, and ADC. Success in these exams opens doors for aspiring migrants to work as pharmacists, dentists, lab technicians, nurses, physiotherapists, optometrists, medical and veterinary doctors, among others.

Drawing valuable insights from extensive research, Dr. Ahmad founded “Academically,” an innovative and adaptive digital platform for healthcare education. Academically offers a dynamic and personalized learning experience for professionals aspiring to migrate and practice as registered and licensed healthcare professionals.

Acknowledging the crucial role of teachers in healthcare professionals’ growth, Dr. Ahmad integrated comprehensive support and professional development programs into Academically. This bridged the gap between theoretical concepts and practical skills, making learning more relevant and engaging.

The improvements in Healthcare

Continuous improvement is at the core of Academically’s culture. Feedback from aspirants, teachers, and parents is actively collected and used to refine courses, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in healthcare licensing examinations.

Since its inception, Academically has assisted over 1500 healthcare professionals from more than 50 countries. An impressive 93% of aspirants passed the Australian Pharmacy Council KAPS examination in their first attempt in March 2023.

Academically has been instrumental in preparing aspirants for various licensing examinations, including KAPS, ADC, APC, COE, AVE, AIMS, NCLEX, and AMC. The platform offers personalized coaching, deep understanding of exam syllabuses, mock exams, and practice tests to boost confidence and exam readiness.

The teaching professionals at Academically utilize social media platforms like YouTube to empower aspiring professionals worldwide. Through awareness campaigns, they disseminate valuable knowledge, career guidance, and skill-building tips, making education more accessible and motivating learners to excel in their chosen healthcare fields.

In addressing Australia’s workforce demands, course creators from Academically play a vital role. Many instructors also assist aspirants in developing essential soft skills and English fluency, crucial for excelling in IELTS/PTE/OET exams, ensuring they meet the country’s stringent standards.

Academically stands at the forefront of meeting industry needs by recognizing the importance of licensing and certifications. It complies with the Learning Management System architecture that fulfills licensing requirements and tailors essential knowledge to specific healthcare sectors, enhancing employability and ensuring professionals possess the right skills.

The platform’s designers employ innovative technology to deliver a high-quality user experience. Leveraging AI-driven learning systems, interactive simulations, and personalized feedback mechanisms, they create an immersive and effective learning environment that enhances engagement and knowledge retention.

Looking ahead, Academically aims to maintain its preeminent position as a significant contributor to the global healthcare sector. It remains committed to innovative online teaching, groundbreaking advancements, and evidence-based knowledge dissemination.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ahmad, Academically’s mission is to assist aspirants with every step of the process of migrating as healthcare professionals to other countries. This includes skill assessment, preparation for licensing exams, and English language proficiency tests like PTE, OET, and IELTS.

Success in this journey is attainable with proper guidance and the right direction, and Academically, is here to transform dreams into reality for aspiring professionals.