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Stability is a now major concern, 50 pc of the gig workforce interested in full-time jobs

The enigmatic realm of gig workers has been explored through a comprehensive survey, unearthing intriguing revelations. Startlingly, over 50 percent of these temporary workers expressed a profound interest in transitioning towards secure full-time employment, rendering stability a prime concern in their minds. Ciel HR Services, a distinguished staffing firm, unveiled these insights in a groundbreaking report released on Friday. Read more career blogs on College49.

Unraveling the Complex Mindscape of Gig Workers

Immersed in a study encompassing 1,200 white-collar gig workers hailing from more than 400 organizations across diverse sectors, the report illuminated their perspectives. Although gig work has emerged as an appealing alternative to traditional employment, a substantial contingent perceives it as a transitory phase, destined to culminate in the pursuit of permanent positions. This aspiration is shared by 41 percent of men and 40 percent of women respondents, signifying their ardent desire to partake in multifarious projects.

Intriguingly, irrespective of gender, gig workers cherish the opportunity to immerse themselves in a plethora of diverse work experiences, thereby enriching their professional lives.

Yet, amidst this pursuit of variety, a significant challenge looms large for 32 percent of respondents—the specter of uncertainty shrouding their employment. Gig workers often grapple with instability and unpredictability, encapsulated in wavering project opportunities and fluctuating work hours, as depicted by the report.

Furthermore, 24 percent of those surveyed underscored the lack of social security as another pressing concern. The absence of a safety net amplifies their vulnerability in an ever-changing landscape.

Amidst these intricate revelations, Ciel HR’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Narayan Mishra, highlighted the paradigm shift unfolding in the world of work. Employers are increasingly drawn to gig employment for its merits, including cost-effectiveness, scalability, and access to specialized skills. However, amidst this transformation, gig workers now harbor a zealous yearning for stability like never before.

In this labyrinth of aspirations and uncertainties, gig workers embark on a journey, seeking equilibrium and permanence amidst the transient nature of their domain.