You are currently viewing We are sorry to inform you…’: Indian students in UK struggle to find jobs after spending lakhs on ‘rip-off’ degrees

We are sorry to inform you…’: Indian students in UK struggle to find jobs after spending lakhs on ‘rip-off’ degrees

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Studying in the UK has been a dream for many Indian students, but the question arises: is the money spent on it worth it when it comes to future employability options in the country? Some students like Nisha Arora faced difficulties finding a full-time job after graduating with a master’s degree in English Literature. The Office for Students (OfS) data reveals that three in 10 graduates are unable to secure highly skilled jobs, leading to calls for stricter controls on courses failing to convert students into employees.

UK Struggle

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak acknowledges the issue, pointing out that many students end up pursuing poor-quality courses that do not offer good job prospects. Additionally, some students are asked to enroll in foundation year courses, which the government proposes to reduce the maximum fee for. The situation has left many Indian students struggling to find work in their chosen fields, even those studying subjects like sports management in a sports-fanatic country like the UK.

As students approach the end of their degrees, the job hunt becomes a challenge, especially for international students. Siddhi Dolas faced difficulty getting job offers in the UK as companies were reluctant to sponsor visas. Nisha faced a similar situation, receiving rejections from different time zones in her job search efforts.

Despite the hurdles, there are success stories like Akshat Vashistha, who secured job offers from investment management and real estate companies after applying to nearly 500 places. However, the job search process can be demoralizing due to numerous rejections and multiple interview rounds. The economic downturn and technical jargon also act as obstacles for employers to hire international students.

Some students believe that the experience and exposure gained from studying in the UK are valuable, even if the financial/job scenario is uncertain. The global outlook and independence acquired during their time abroad are aspects that many cherish and wouldn’t trade for anything. While there may be challenges, many still find the UK education experience worthwhile.

In conclusion, studying in the UK presents both opportunities and challenges for Indian students. While some face difficulties securing full-time jobs and find the process stressful, others see the value in the experience and exposure gained, making the investment in their education worthwhile in their eyes. Ultimately, each student’s journey is unique, and they must weigh the pros and cons before deciding if a UK degree is worth it for their future employability options.