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Veterinary career

Career Wise: ‘Paws’itively Promising – Charting a Veterinary Career in India

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A career in the pet care industry or you can say the veterinary career offers numerous opportunities for fresh graduates. One such path is joining pet food companies, where they actively welcome new talent to their teams. Additionally, veterinary medicine is a rewarding profession that aids animals in recovering from wounds, medical disorders, and maintaining overall health.

Veterinary Career

Aspiring veterinarians must pursue a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) and animal husbandry degree. Entrance exams like NEET and AIPVT are common for admission to reputable veterinary colleges.

During the BVSc program, students gain practical experience through internships and clinical rotations, building essential skills and exposure to various aspects of veterinary medicine. After completing BVSc, students can pursue higher studies in fields like Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc) and even doctoral programs (PhD) for research and academia roles.

For those interested in clinical practice, being a practicing veterinary career offers direct involvement in diagnosing and treating various animal health issues. In rural areas, they primarily work with livestock, while in urban areas, they focus on small animals. Government job opportunities are also available, such as in the Army, CRPF, and Animal Husbandry Departments, requiring specific competitive exams.

Apart from traditional career paths, graduates can explore the pet food industry or the pharmaceutical sector, both offering entry-level roles with potential for rapid growth and salary hikes.

Wildlife conservation and animal welfare are other avenues for graduates interested in making a positive impact. They can seek internships or volunteer positions in wildlife rehabilitation centers, zoos, or conservation organizations. Working with animal welfare NGOs like WVS and PFA is also a possibility through direct applications or volunteering.

Overall, the pet care industry and veterinary career offer diverse and fulfilling career options for individuals passionate about working with animals. Whether in clinical practice, research, wildlife conservation, or pet food companies, dedicated individuals can find rewarding paths to pursue in this field.

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