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48% of Indian Graduates Exploring Career Opportunities In AI/ML Roles Are Job-Ready: India’s

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A recent study by Mercer | Mettl, the world’s largest skill assessment platform, indicates that career opportunities in nearly half of all graduates exploring AI/ML-related roles . The “India’s Graduate Skill Index 2023” study reveals that Indian graduates exhibit an impressive employability rate of 48% in AI/ML roles, reflecting a substantial talent pool to meet the increasing demand in this cutting-edge technology. Encouraging graduates to pursue AI-related skills is essential to seize promising career opportunities in this field.

Career Opportunities

The study highlights that 45% of all India graduates demonstrate readiness to meet industry demands, with variations between tech and non-tech skills. Among tech skills, Applied Mathematics stands out with an employability rate of 72%, followed by Data Science (57%), MySQL (57%), and Oracle SQL (54%). For sought-after roles, AI/ML roles have the highest career opportunities at 48%, while Backend Development, Data Science, Data Analysis, and QA Automation roles share a similar employability rate of 39%.

Among non-tech roles, Financial Analysts show an employability rate of 45%, closely followed by Human Resources Associates at 44%. Business Analysts exhibit a similar rate of 45%, while Project Manager roles have an employability rate of 39%. Sales and Business Development roles have the lowest employability at 37%.

Interestingly, the study suggests that the employability of graduates in emerging tech job roles does not significantly vary across different college tiers, indicating similar opportunities for self-learning and access to online courses to acquire these skill sets.

Siddhartha Gupta, CEO of Mercer | Mettl, emphasizes the need for a nimble-footed approach to adapt to the rapidly changing job landscape. The study calls for industry-academia collaboration to address existing skill gaps, creating job-ready graduates prepared to meet future demands.

The India’s Graduate Skill Index 2023 report is based on a comprehensive analysis of data from over 2500 campuses and 440,000+ learners, providing valuable insights for employers and educational institutions to bridge skill gaps and prepare India’s emerging workforce for the evolving job market. These career opportunities are on the way for India’s largest career boom.