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Leading global education company McGraw Hill launches Edmingle, an e-learning portal with in India

Edmingle, an all-integrated software platform for course delivery and management, recently collaborated with McGraw Hill, a global education company, to launch McGraw Hill Edge in India. This comprehensive digital learning solution aims to assist students in excelling in competitive exams like CAT, UPSC, CTET, JEE, and NEET. The positive response has been overwhelming, with over 8,000 learners already signing up within a few weeks of its launch.

The launch of Edmingle

The successful launch prompted a visit from McGraw Hill’s Managing Director, Dr. Lalit Singh, and Senior Manager, Mr. Pranay Neema, who congratulated Edmingle on their timely delivery and development commitments. They expressed their delight over the platform’s reception in the UPSC and CAT test prep communities.

It stands out as a cutting-edge digital tool for modern-day learning, offering various features to deliver courses effectively and enhance user experience. Some key advantages include 24/7 access to training modules, Deep Zoom integration for better engagement, automated digital certification, and customizations to meet specific business needs.

Lalit Singh commended Edmingle’s seamless integration of tools, which enhances user engagement and personalizes learning paths for individual users. Gaurav Doshi, CEO of Edmingle, expressed his gratitude for McGraw Hill’s trust in their Indian-made product and highlighted its suitability as a one-stop solution for widespread training and learning programs.

Edmingle’s credibility is further solidified by its partnerships with industry giants like Aditya Birla Education Academy, Lawsikho, Fittr, College Dekho, Inside IIM, Learnbay, and others. The collaboration with McGraw Hill has added another significant achievement for the company in its pursuit of making a mark in the global landscape of learning businesses.

, The collaboration with McGraw Hill has resulted in the launch of a powerful digital learning solution, McGraw Hill Edge, tailored to assist students in competitive exams. The platform’s success further validates Edmingle’s capabilities as a robust all-in-one solution for educators and institutions aiming to scale their online learning initiatives efficiently.