You are currently viewing NHSRC Recruitment 2023: Apply Online Now for 16 Medical Consultant Posts

NHSRC Recruitment 2023: Apply Online Now for 16 Medical Consultant Posts

The National Health Systems Resource Centre. (NHSRC) A clarion call to those who have traversed the hallowed halls of medical academia, bearing the mantle of MBBS, for a quest awaits. Sixteen coveted positions, the zenith of medical consultation, stand as beacons amidst the landscape of opportunity.

In the grand theater of professional ascension, those deemed eligible are summoned to embark upon a digital odyssey, navigating the virtual realm to make their mark. The portal, a digital Rubicon, shall open its gates on the second day of August in the year two thousand and twenty-three. An epoch shall pass, and the digital chalice shall cease its offering on the twenty-second day of the same month.

To all seekers of vocational zenith, heed this call that resonates through the virtual corridors of cyberspace. The clarion call of NHSRC, 2023, beckons you to present your aspirational visage at the sanctum of Read more career news on College49.

NHSRC Recruitment Chronicle 2023: Illuminating the Path

The apex of Empathy: Unveiling NHSRC’s Healthful Call

  1. Proclamation of Healing: NHSRC Recruitment 2023
  2. Aegis of Health: National Health Systems Resource Centre (NHSRC)
  3. Healer’s Mandate: Medical Consultant
  4. Symphony of Availability: 16 Appointments
  5. Pinnacle of Learning: MBBS
  6. Healer’s Domain: New Delhi
  7. Harmony of Remuneration: Rs.1,20,000 (per lunar cycle)
  8. Mode of Application: Online
  9. Embarkation: 2nd of August, 2023
  10. Culmination: 22nd of August, 2023
  11. Parallel Pathways: Opportunities in Delhi

Healing Odyssey: NHSRC’s Vocational Journey

Within the domain of health and care, the NHSRC extends a cordial invitation to proficient Medical Consultants. This celestial overture gives birth to the designation:

  1. Medical Consultant: 16 Guardians of Ailment’s Conquest

The Enigma of Eligibility: Deciphering the Scrolls

Tablets of Learning: Mandates of Mastery

Post NameMandate
Medical ConsultantMBBS, Post Graduation Degree

Eclipses of Time: Temporal Embellishments

Post NameAge Boundary
Medical ConsultantMax 40 years, as on 01-04-2023.

The Healthful Compensation: Quanta of Remuneration

Remuneration Structure: Rs.1,20,000 (per lunar cycle)

The Healing Quest: Unfolding the Trials

  1. Trial of Veracity: Document Verification
  2. Trial of Ailment’s Solace: Personal Interview

Navigating NHSRC’s Healing Ritual: Guiding Stars

For those who yearn to embrace the realm of NHSRC, the orchestration of opportunity beckons them to partake in the Online application for Medical Consultant posts, a portal that remains open from the 2nd of August, 2023, to the 22nd of August, 2023. To grasp the entirety of the application process, heed the celestial stars guiding your path:

  1. Embark upon a digital sojourn to the official NHSRC sanctuary, accessible at
  2. Unveil the concealed treasure trove marked “Recruitment/ Career/ Advertisement,” revealing its cryptic treasures with a mere click.
  3. Seek the scroll enveloped in the aura of “Medical Consultant Job.” For those who yearn for deeper insights, an alternate path is unveiled, unearthing the scroll through a terminal link.
  4. Immerse yourself in the wisdom inscribed upon the parchment, decrypting the prerequisites that proclaim your eligibility.
  5. Engage the ethereal portal of Online application, a gateway through which your essence shall be transcribed.
  6. Assemble your portfolio, an anthology of documents and manuscripts, woven in accordance with the cosmic script.
  7. Confirm the veracity and precision of your inscription, harmonizing it with the astral schema.
  8. Having journeyed through this labyrinth, should cosmic behest decree, an offering of financial reciprocity shall be rendered, a tribute to the NHSRC.
  9. With these tokens bestowed, the final act beckons – the submission of your entrancing application. Yet, preserve a facsimile of your correspondence, for it shall serve as your guardian through times uncharted.