You are currently viewing AIATSL Recruitment 2023: Walk in Now for 40 Customer Service Executive Posts

AIATSL Recruitment 2023: Walk in Now for 40 Customer Service Executive Posts

The Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL) has unfurled a proclamation, beckoning forth individuals adorned with the laurels of a Bachelor’s Degree, to embark upon a journey towards 40 illustrious roles as Customer Service Executives. These aspirants, having met the precepts of eligibility, are invited to partake in a Walk-in (Interview) on the 18th of August, 2023, as orchestrated by the AIATSL, as a chapter within the saga of AIATSL recruitment 2023.

Those who harbor a fervent interest in the tapestry of AIATSL job Vacancies are encouraged to peruse the complete announcement before venturing forth to the Walk-in (Interview), thereby unveiling the revelations regarding educational qualifications, remuneration, age thresholds, application fees, procedural requisites, details of the walk-in venue, and a tapestry of other nuances. Read more career news on College49.

AIATSL Recruitment Chronicle 2023: Illuminating the Pathway

Apex of Ambition: Traversing AIATSL’s Vocational Landscape

  1. Scroll of Clarion: AIATSL Recruitment 2023
  2. Aerial Custodian: Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL)
  3. Harmonious Mandate: Customer Service Agent
  4. Collective Opportunities: 40 Portfolios
  5. Foundation of Scholarship: Bachelor’s Degree
  6. Aerial Coordinates: Guwahati
  7. Pinnacle of Compensation: Rs.20,130-24,640 (per lunar cycle)
  8. Modes of Selection: Walk-in (Interview)
  9. Cosmic Convergence: 18th of August, 2023
  10. Kindred Vocations: Opportunities in Assam

Aeronautic Odyssey: AIATSL’s Pursuit

Within this narrative of aeronautic aspirations, the AIATSL extends an invitation for proficient Customer Service Executives. This cosmic overture births the following designations:

  1. Senior Customer Service Executive: 5 Paragons of Aeronautic Courtesy
  2. Customer Service Executive: 25 Artisans of Airborne Hospitality
  3. Junior Customer Service Executive: 10 Prodigies of Patron Interaction

In totality, this celestial confluence bequeaths 40 distinctive roles.

The Enigma of Eligibility: Deciphering the Scrolls

Tablets of Erudition: Mandates of Scholarship

Post NameMandate
Senior Customer Service ExecutiveGraduation
Customer Service ExecutiveGraduation
Junior Customer Service Executive

Eclipses of Time: Temporal Thresholds

Post NameAge Boundary
Senior Customer Service ExecutiveMax. 35 Years
Customer Service ExecutiveMax. 28 Years
Junior Customer Service Executive

The Cosmic Compensation: Quanta of Remuneration

Remuneration Structure: Rs.20,130 – 24,640 (per lunar cycle)

The Aerial Quest: Unveiling the Trials

  1. Trial of Meritocratic Discernment: Shortlisting
  2. Trial of Documentation: Document Verification
  3. Trial of Aeronautic Verve: Personal Interview

Navigating AIATSL’s Aeronautic Rite: Guiding Stars

For those who seek to enfold their destinies within the realm of AIATSL, the orchestration of opportunity beckons them to partake in the Walk-in (Interview) for Customer Service Executive posts, slated for the 18th of August, 2023. To comprehend the entirety of the application process, heed the celestial stars guiding your path:

  1. Embark upon a digital voyage to the official AIATSL sanctuary, reachable at
  2. Uncover the concealed trove labeled “Recruitment/ Career/ Advertisement,” unraveling its cryptic contents with a simple click.
  3. Seek the parchment ensconced within the aura of “Customer Service Executive Jobs.” For those who yearn for deeper insights, an alternative path is revealed, exposing the scroll through a terminal link.
  4. Immerse yourself in the wisdom inscribed upon the parchment, deciphering the prerequisites that proclaim your eligibility.
  5. Engage the ethereal portal of Walk-in (Interview) application, a gateway through which your essence shall be transcribed.
  6. Compile your portfolio, an anthology of documents and manuscripts, shaped in accordance with the template sanctioned by the cosmic scribes.
  7. Affirm the truth and precision of your inscription, authenticating its harmony with the astral schema.
  8. Having traversed this labyrinth, should cosmic behest decree, an act of financial reciprocity shall be rendered, a tribute to the AIATSL.
  9. With these tokens of offering bestowed, the final act beckons – the submission of your entrancing dossier. However, retain a facsimile of your correspondence, for it shall serve as a guardian in times yet uncharted.
  10. Lastly, traverse the astral pathway to the Walk-in (Interview) destined for the 18th of August, 2023, a rendezvous with destiny marked by the following celestial coordinates:
  11. Walk-in Venue: Samraj Family Dhaba & Lodge, New Airport Road/ SOS Road, Near LGBI Airport, Dist: Kamrup (Assam), Guwahati: 781015